Conservative recruiters frog-marched off (Fla) campus (Video)

Administrators revoke permission, have police provide escort away from studentsPosted: September 08, 2010 8:42 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh © 2010 WorldNetDaily

Officials at a Florida college have ordered police to escort off campus several people who were trying to recruit members for a conservative student organization and who had obtained verbal permission to be at the location.

Young Americans for Freedom told WND the incident took place Tuesday on the campus of Palm Beach State College, where Student Activities Administrator Olivia Ford-Morris "was visibly disturbed" by promotional literature being distributed by the group. The materials included publications of the Heritage Foundation critical of President Obama's policies.

The ejection came even though Ford-Morris had granted student Christina Beattie permission to promote the organization on campus, the group said.

A spokesman for the Florida chapter of the organization, Daniel Diaz, told WND the students involved are discussing the ejection with college officials in an attempt to reach a resolution.

The group, founded in 1960 to represent conservatives on college and university campuses, has been working to establish additional college campus chapters as well as expand existing efforts.

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The members set up a table on the Palm Beach campus in Lake Worth Tuesday during "club rush" after Beattie received verbal permission from Ford-Morris, the organization said.

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