Liberals or Conservatives: Will the Real Fascists Please Stand Up?

Conservatives Underground Conservatism is an umbrella term applied to all people who believe in and support the traditional values of America, which can be summarized as our God-given inalienable rights and the culture of life nourished by and through these traditional values. But for a very long time now, conservatives have been demonized by liberals and viewed by them as the very essence of evil. Thus liberals in mainstream media and academia for instance, constantly din into the ears of conservatives that they are guilty of evil-doing, that conservatism is, in the words of one liberal, ”hypocritic, self-righteous, fascist and self-serving, and is like modern-day phariseeism.”

Are any of these accusations true? No, they aren’t.

History tells us that modern conservatism arose after World War II as a backlash against the 20th century’s totalitarian regimes, identified primarily as America’s Progressive Fascism (under Woodrow Wilson and FDR), Marxist Communism, and National Socialism (Nazism).

Though the larger history is nowadays neglected, these three totalitarianisms were distinctly religious in nature. Spawned by the neopagan French Revolution, which was fascistic, brutally murderous, and virulently against the biblical God, Christianity, and the old order, 20th century’s totalitarian religions were messianic, apocalyptic, salvific, racist, and neo-pagan. Each one proclaimed the end of the old evil order and the coming of a new order - purified of all evil -populated by a New Man and benevolently managed by a new breed of divine Supermen.

Among the many important shapers of America’s Progressive Fascism was H.G. Wells. Wells was one of the greatest overall influences on the West’s progressive mind. During a speech he delivered to the Young Liberals at Oxford in July 1932, he boldly encouraged them to become “liberal fascists” and “enlightened Nazis.” Wells also championed the idea that special men - scientists, liberal theologians, warriors, samurai -must forcefully impose progress on the masses in order to create a “New Republic.”

Wells’ notions were clearly a reinvention of the ancient pagan state espoused by Plato. In that view, the common man was the property of a divinized State, which itself was ruled by a godman, divine king, or some such totalitarian figure. Thus exposed is one of many progressive lies, that is, “progress” is not as it implies - a forward movement toward something better - but rather, regression to the past, exaltation of the few and slavery for the masses.

Wells was admittedly enthralled by the totalitarian temptation, as were all Progressive insiders. “I have never been able to escape altogether from its relentless logic,” confessed Wells. (All quotes from Jonah Goldberg’s book Liberal Fascism)

America’s Progressive Fascists openly admired the fascists Mussolini and Hitler, as well as communists Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin. Indeed, so close was their mutual admiration society that Hitler sent a delegation to our nation to study the racist eugenics program conceived of and put into practice by American Progressives. Its intended purpose was the breeding of supermen. Toward this end they advocated techniques and practices such as abortion, sterilization, and homosexuality (the practice of which leads to dysfunction, sterilization, and early death) for the weeding out of imbeciles and other undesirables.

It was only after Hitler’s atrocities came (