Jerome Corsi: USA is suffering from a massive redistribution of wealth on a global scale

Dr. Jerome (Jerry) Corsi is a PhD in Economics from Harvard. Five of his books have been on the top 10 list of the New York Times … including “ObamaNation” and “America for Sale.” Jerry gave me some coaching with my book, “Save America Now,” as it was being written. He shared these thoughts with me the other day.

The USA is not in a recession or a depression. The USA is suffering from a massive redistribution of wealth on a global scale that is being orchestrated by the New World Order and executed in the USA by Barack Hussein Obama and liberals … ....The financial pain in the USA will continue for quite some time until .... the American people stop participating in this communization of the world.

......These World Order Communists see two classes, an elite and a socialized mass. The losers in this will be the American people, families, and Christianity.

Jerry predicts that Obama will make the following announcements sometime after the November, 2010 elections. He will wait until then so the announcements do not impact Democrats negatively in the elections. Obama will tell America that the USA is close to bankruptcy, therefore, a value added tax (VAT) is needed in addition to all other taxes. This VAT will tax “all” Americans. He will ask Congress to pass a law that will mandate that all personal pension accounts (401 K, IRA, etc) must invest in a stipulated minimum amount of government debt because foreigners are not investing as much as needed to cover the national debt. And he will ask the Federal Reserve to increase their purchases of Treasury Notes.

The result of those announcements will be a tax revolt in America that will be the largest in the history of the country.

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