The man who derailed the transgender agenda in Maine . . . and what happened to him

MassResistance Some of the biggest dangers to pro-family movement are from within POSTED: September 17, 2010 One person with guts and perseverance can accomplish amazing things. In this case, the state's public schools were saved from a descent into madness -- certainly the most extreme situation ever in America, which would surely have been the springboard for other states. (That's one reason we fought so hard and stopped the "Transgender Rights" bill in the Mass. legislature this past session.)

Back in February, the homosexual lobby in Maine was poised to force the normalization of cross-dressing and transgender behavior into the public schools through mandates being prepared in relative secrecy by the Maine Human Rights Commission, an official tribunal given broad powers by the Legislature, which was also secretly working with hardcore homosexual activists. (Note that this was possible because the state had passed a law in 2005 banning discrimination on the basis of "gender identity.") Among other things, the new rules would allow boys who choose to "identify as girls" to use girls' bathrooms and locker rooms (and vice versa).

As MassResistance reported at the time, Mike Hein, the Administrator of the Christian Civic League of Maine, started by taking immediate steps to expose to the public what was happening.

An amazing story After Hein was met with initial resistance by public officials, he filed a "Freedom of Access Act" request to get copies of the working documents from the Commission. What he found was even more shocking than he had anticipated. They had a plan to force a set of oppressive regulations into law through a purposefully stealth manner.

Hein published the documents (which should have been public from the beginning) and thoroughly exposed what was happening.

Then he pulled together key activists from around the state. He organized a full-court press on the Commission to act completely "in the sunshine" and to hold their pending actions accountable to wide public scrutiny. The Commission and the GLBT lobby soon capitulated and abandoned their efforts.

Hein had beaten them. It was a huge victory for the pro-family cause.

But a price to pay But unfortunately in today's climate of "moderate" conservatives there can be a steep price to pay. The Christian League's strong longtime leader, Mike Heath, had stepped down a few months earlier. The people who took over began to add several "moderate" Board members who quickly took full control, and the League began to take a steep turn to the left. They made it clear that they wanted a "kindler, gentler" approach to the culture wars.

Starting with this incident, Mike Hein's brand of unflinching confrontational politics made him more and more unwelcome with these insisting on the new approach. A few weeks ago, Mike Hein was fired.

This past week Maine's Magic City Morning Star blog published an excellent account of what took place: