Tim Dunkin: At the end of the day, the Senate will be redder

Renew America One of the biggest questions surrounding the current election season is whether or not the Republicans will be able to retake the Senate. Taking back the House is, so far as everyone can tell, virtually a given. Less well known, but equally important, is the likelihood that conservative Republicans will be winning governors' races all across the country, as well, placing a solid majority of these offices into conservative hands as well. Yet, the primary focus right now is on the Senate. Conservatives are excited by the number of solidly conservative Republicans we have running this year, while the RINOs are quite consternated by the same.

I'd like to weigh in a little bit on this question. For reasons I'll go into in greater detail below, I actually do not think the GOP is likely to win back an outright majority in the Senate (though I certainly do not consider that to be outside the realm of possibility). However, I do think that conservatives will have a lot to be glad for when all is said and done. On November 3, we will see an incoming class in which the Republican caucus will be much more conservative, and much more in line with the American people, than it was before. Further, we will see an opportunity — if the right people will act upon it — to see real, principled, conservative leadership take the helm of the GOP's representation in the Senate. Most of all, we will see a Senate where the remaining GOP "moderates" will have much less of an impact than they have been able to have in recent Congresses.

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