What does PROGRESSIVE mean?

ResistNet.com On a quiet street in a small rural town in sun-drenched Southern California a new family moved in.

As it turned out the man owned a very successful pool and spa business in the city some sixty miles away. The city was located along a major interstate route not far from another major freeway that intersected it. The surrounding city's including the business owner's grew and grew. His service was great and his product was of the highest quality. Hence, he became more successful. He bought a home on the beach where his family enjoyed summer evenings.

The city became noisy. Then came the smog, Then came the crime. There went the neighborhood.

The business owner decided that since his business was very successful he would move to a more rural area. That is how he came to have a home in the small rural community.

He bought a home. After a while his family seemed to be missing something. He hired more employees and trained them himself, especially the manager. He was able to now spend as much time with his family as he did when he lived close to his business, because he traveled less back and forth.

Still something seemed missing. Being in the pool business he decided to install a pool in his yard. Going through the permit process the city gave him permission.

The pool was beautiful with special design, underwater lighting, surround sound, a built-in BBQ with a table actually in the water. He and his family enjoyed the pool a lot. They made new friends and invited them over to swim. Meanwhile his manager worked hard and surprisingly asked the business owner one day if he could buy his home in the city. Because they were friends an agreement was quickly reached.

But bye and bye one of his neighbors became envious about his great pool. They started grumbling to the other neighbors about the pool being a danger to children who might climb the security fence. He suggested the pool used too much water. He complained to the neighbors that the businessman wouldn't let children swim in the pool unless their parents were there to watch them. "He's rich. His wife is home all day. She can easily watch the children while the rest of us do what we need to do."

The neighbor got so enraged that he ran for city council, and, convinced enough people that stop special treatment of "some Rich people in town."

Time passed while the manager improved the business and hired more people; some who could now buy their own homes. But at the same time the councilman urged the rest of the council to pass more restrictions on pools in town. The businessman didn't mind too much. he just complied with the new laws, because his business made enough he could afford to do so.

The Councilman just got more upset. He made several speeches that private pools were unhealthy. He said everyone in town deserved a pool. Lots of people agreed, knowing they would never afford a pool anyway.

Then the councilman made a wild suggestion. "Everyone in town deserves a pool" he said. Several eyebrows raised but nobody said much. So the councilman circulated a petition to place it on the ballot that the city would install swimming pools for everybody. Then he campaigned vigorously pointing to the businessman as thinking he was better than the rest of the town. He held up pictures of the beautiful pool and spoke out "See, that pool guys moves here from somewhere else and builds this to show us we're less than him"

The measure on the ballot barely passed, but the city was obligated to give everyone a pool. With limited money the pool idea was argued for a long time. Then it was decided that every house would get a ten foot by ten foot pool. No slide, no diving board, all one depth.

Trucks came everyday from all around. Even the pool business manager was able to get contracts to install pools. Vacuum cleaner bag sales increased because of the sudden burst dust in the city from all the construction. Traffic temporarily got worse, and there were a few more accidents than usual. But construction plowed on.

The garages in town were happy because there was more easy tire alignments on cars due the potholes caused by all the trucks coming and going all day. Mail came later than usual. Sometimes garbage pickup was missed altogether. Then the construction slowed down and only the finishing touches were put on the pools.

The councilman was pretty happy all that day with what he had done to the people. Except that night when he took a shower and the water stopped right in the middle of rinsing shampoo from his hair. He called the water department and screamed about the water. "We're sorry sir, but the tanks have all been drained because the pools are being filled.

By five O'clock AM the mayor started getting phone calls, along with all of the city council. "How are we suppose to take showers? How are suppose to fix breakfast?, Why isn't my pool filled yet? When is the water going to be back on?" On the street there was more of the same questions, only more. "When are the pot holes getting fixed? Do you know how many extra vacuum bags I have in stock and I can't send them back?"

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