For Liberals, Unalienable Rights Do Not Come From God But Government

"While addressing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus last week, Obama began to recite key passages of the Declaration of Independence and slipped up. Or did he? He enumerated the 'certain inalienable rights' part beautifully. He even listed the right to life. (Hmmm. How does that comport with an Obamacare law that if unrepealed would subsidize abortion and thus deny the right to life to millions yet unborn? ...) The trouble came when Obama omitted who endowed the people with these inalienable rights6, 'their Creator.' The White House is trying to tamp down any controversy: The president was merely paraphrasing. 'Don't try to read anything into this' is the administration line. But it does matter. The Weekly Standard's Jeffrey Anderson certainly thinks so: 'Only two plausible explanations spring to mind. One is that President Obama isn't very familiar with the most famous passage in the document that founded this nation; that even when plainly reading from a teleprompter, he wasn't able to quote it correctly. The other is that President Obama doesn't subscribe to the Declaration's rather central claim that our rights come from our 'Creator' (also referred to in the Declaration as 'Nature's God' and 'the Supreme Judge of the World'). Only the president likely knows for certain which of these two explanations is true, or whether perhaps there is another....' We are left to conclude that for the liberal left, our rights do not come from God. They come, instead, from government pronouncements, from UN documents, or from the courts. This is a most disturbing conclusion. And it goes to the heart of who we are as a people." --columnist Ken Blackwell Read more: