Mass. 'Gay' Lobby Endorses Mitt Romney's Chief Legal Counsel for State Rep

MassResistance Update Mass. homosexual lobby endorses Dan Winslow -- Gov. Mitt Romney's chief legal counsel -- for state representative Supports Republican Winslow against a liberal Democrat! POSTED: Sept 28, 2010

The state's leading homosexual lobby group has endorsed Dan Winslow, running for state representative on Nov. 2. Winslow was Gov. Mitt Romney's chief legal counsel who advised Romney how to accommodate (rather than ignore) the 2003 Goodrich court decision on same-sex "marriage" and who was the inside force behind modifying the state's marriage licenses to be "gay-friendly" -- as the homosexual lobby now makes public.

As the MassResistance blog first reported last week, this also confirms what was long suspected: that Romney's legal staff was really working for "gay rights" while pretending to just enforce the "law" (the unconstitutional Goodridge marriage Court ruling). It was Winslow himself who in effect made law (with the Governor's assent) by changing the marriage licenses in May 2004 - without the required Legislative authorization - to read "Party A & Party B" instead of "Bride & Groom". He also personally conducted the "training sessions" for Town Clerks and Justices of the Peace in how to accomodate same-sex "marriages".

Here's how Tom Lang, president of KnowThyNeighbor (one of the most hateful and vicious homosexual activist groups in the state) described the endorsement of Winslow in his blog (NOTE: spelling errors remain):