Tim Dunkin: Bringing pro-life home to the heart

Renew America Among the many things between which I divide my time, one is a side business that I operate at home, basically to just earn a little extra income to supplement my day job as a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry. My side gig is editing and proofreading; for a nominal per page fee, I will evaluate written work which a customer sends to me, checking it for problems with spelling, grammar, incorrectly used words and homonyms, and anything else that a spellchecker will miss. I never suspected that this pocket-money gig would end up affirming my pro-life convictions in such a personal manner.

Yesterday, I opened my email and found a note in my inbox. It was from a woman who said that she was representing a small start-up company in my area, and they were looking for someone to be their sole editor/proofreader for all of their corporate literature, brochures, etc. Of course, I'm thinking I've just hit the jackpot. While I don't charge enough per page to ever really make a living doing this, having a steady customer that is constantly sending work my way would definitely help the money clip to grow a little fatter each month.

So, I email her back, we go around a couple of times about things like turnaround time and the format in which I'd prefer to have work submitted and so forth. Finally, a sample of the type of work I'd be proofreading comes in. I open it up, and it's a brochure. A brochure for "women's care" items. I'm thinking "Okay...." I page through a bit, and start finding some...problematic...items for sale. Plastic hooks that look like dental scrapers which aren't dental scrapers. Something called a "uterine evacuation kit." And so forth.

Uh oh.

Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? I wasn't completely sure, since admittedly, I'm not exactly an expert in the gynecological medical sciences. So I email her back and ask if any of these implements are used in the performance of abortions. About ten minutes later, I got a terse, one word response back: "Yes." Contined: http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/dunkin/100928