Geert Wilders: Indicted for Telling the Truth

The Trouble with Troublemakers...By Stan Goodenough Jerusalem Watchman

… is that they are often truth tellers.

Take Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who today is standing trial in the Netherlands for calling the Muslim book – the Quran – a fascist document.

Wilders is a man of immense courage. In a world where people – including his fellow countrymen – have been murdered and hounded into hiding for daring to speak the truth, he has almost singlehandedly dared to call the emperor (or in this case the “prophet”) naked; the founder of the “religion of peace” in fact a man of hate-driven and vicious war; Muhammed bereft of the clothing afforded by political correctness; bereft of the attributes that mark a truly holy or godly man.

In his online movie Fitna, Wilders has vividly shown the simple truth: Islam is a religion that encourages terrorism and violence against those who will not submit to the false god allah – especially if they belong to the people of the book – Jews and Christians. And Muslims are taught, from kindergarten age and up, that allah will give them victory over all non-Muslim nations.

His film contains all the footage, all the quotes and recordings to make his open and shut case.

Of course, the cowardly and obsequious leaders of the so-called free world have shunned and condemned Wilders. Needless to say the media – those valiant champions of “freedom of the press” – were the first and most enthusiastic to brand and condemn the Dutchman.