Imminent Islamic Terrorist Threat in Europe: A U.S. Connection (Video)

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Alex Witt: U.S. counter-terrorism officials say they believe senior al Qaeda leaders including Osama Bin Laden were involved in a plan to strike several European cities in a coordinated assault. Officials say Bin Laden may be trying to show al Qaeda is still strong and able to launch attacks on western targets. Joining me live now, terrorism expert Steve Emerson. Steve, hello, good to see you.

Steve Emerson: Good to see you, Alex.

Alex Witt: So how are U.S. counterterrorism officials making this link between the European threats and Osama Bin Laden?

Steve Emerson: First, there are several things that they've picked up. One is they arrested a man in I think Amsterdam or Germany two days ago who revealed elements of this plot. Number two, there were electronic intelligence intercepts picked up from Pakistan, Afghanistan to Europe. And number three, they had somebody who was part -- would have been part of the plot in Pakistan actually tell U.S. authorities some elements of it. He wasn't read into the whole thing. But altogether, they concluded that a plot was imminent. And as you recall, the Eiffel tower was evacuated. Thousands of extra police were put around Paris, Brussels, parts of Germany. So they took this very seriously. It would have been a Mumbai-style attack, you know when they killed 187 people in Mumbai, right. This would have been an internal attack by radical Muslims inside of Europe because they have no real borders. Continued, video: