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Andy Griffith loses support over Pro-Healthcare Ad appearance- Election 2010Andy Griffith, Election 2010, Politics, Obama News


Public opinion of Democrats has soured so badly that vocal Obama supporters like Sheriff Andy are suffering, even in Mayberry.

A new poll shows that Andy Griffith – an outspoken Democrat who appeared in a controversial ad promoting President Obama’s health-care plan — has seen his popularity collapse in his home state of North Carolina.

The “Matlock” and “Andy Griffith Show” star’s favorability rating has tumbled over the past two years, from 69 to 44 percent, according to the survey by Public Policy Polling.

Twenty-two percent of North Carolina voters actually have a negative view of the folksy local hero.

Earlier this summer, the 84-year-old Griffith starred in an ad promising “more good things are coming” with Obama’s health-care plan.

The White House stuck taxpayers with the $700,000 bill for the ad.

“Clearly, it’s pushback from the president’s health-care plan,” Brad Crone, a Democratic consultant, told the Charlotte Observer. “It’s a good time to call up Barney Fife.” Web Source: