Campaign Donations, 'Shady Sources' & The Lies of the Left

Family Security MattersFrank Salvato

October 15, 2010

Campaign Donations, 'Shady Sources' & The Lies of the Left Frank Salvato

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Many people will insist that the subject of the Democratic National Committee’s attack ad – the one that takes pot-shots at Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, the US Chamber of Commerce and the GOP in general – is a dead issue; that the moment in time to “slice and dice” this most egregious media hatchet job has come and gone. Nothing could be further from the truth and here’s why: This attack ad by the DNC – and John Podesta, via the Center for American Progress – makes honesty an issue in this election cycle.

Pardon me for saying so, but it is well past time that we expect honesty from not only our elected officials but from those running for office, those raising money for those running for office, the political parties – and their surrogates, and the media, the total of the media, both the new and the decrepit. We Americans have tolerated dishonest “spin” for decades and, quite honestly, we have only ourselves to blame. If we weren’t buying it, they wouldn’t be selling it.

Case in point...

The Democrat National Committee launched perhaps the most ridiculous political attack of this election cycle when they unveiled their campaign strategy of claiming that Republicans, via the US Chamber of Commerce, were the beneficiaries of foreign money for their midterm election campaigns. The strategy came complete with a commercial pathetically attempting to connect Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie – both no longer engaged in any active political campaigns for the Republican Party – to the GOP fundraising effort. Newsflash for the Progressive Left: No one is buying the “it’s all Bush’s fault” tactic. You would be wise to “MoveOn,” no pun intended.

Perhaps the most miscalculated element to this preposterously inept ploy is the accusation that Republicans are accepting foreign money via proxies to fund their midterm election campaigns. Honestly, the Democrats and Progressives have governed so poorly, so catastrophically, that if it weren’t for the need for “face time” with the electorate in order to achieve a proper level of name recognition, Republicans wouldn’t need to spend a dime.

As Progressives and Liberals are known to do, they are telegraphing what they themselves do onto those they wish to attack. “What?” you ask. It’s true. Progressives and Liberal Democrats always accuse their opposition of doing exactly what they are doing or of what they have done.

For example, as Progressives and Liberal Democrats accused Republicans of taking money from the Chinese, the truth of the matter is that they have already engaged in that activity, and not too long ago. Continued: