"Gay" Youth Suicide

DefendTheFamily.com Alert There has been a lot in the news lately about bullying-induced suicides by children and teens in which the victims have been self-identified or alleged homosexuals. I wrote a short essay on this theme in 2003 that is posted in our archives at www.defendthefamily.com/_docs/resources/6719613.pdf

The leftist media (as always) suggests that the solution is forcing yet more "born that way" pro-homosexual propaganda down the throats of all of our children and grandchildren in the public schools.

But consider this, the common denominator in ALL suicides is the feeling of hopelessness.

So who is telling these sexually confused kids, struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction, that they have no hope of change?

It is the homosexualists of the political left, who continue to insist against common sense and the evidence that these supposedly "gay" kids are innately and irreversibly homosexual and doomed to never have a normal family life.

To whatever extent these adult homosexualists know the facts (and it is hard to believe that any of them are unaware of such evidence as the growing movement of ex-"gays" and the APA's recent capitulation on the "born that way" issue) they are complicit in the deaths of these poor children who have trusted them (directly or indirectly) as mentors and advisors.

Now comes the report of a new study, which we have posted as the lead item on our home page, confirming by hard evidence what pro-family people have insisted should be self-evident to everyone: children of "gay" parents have an astronomically higher incidence of "gay" self-identification than normal parents. The article is here: www.defendthefamily.com/

This is more, and very powerful proof that homosexuality is an acquired condition, which heaps more culpability upon the shoulders of the liars pushing so-called "gay" kids into despair and sometimes suicide.

Indirectly, it also creates a greater duty for pro-family leaders to step up to the plate and make this argument publicly despite the "public relations" firestorm they will face.

How many more children will die before the "born that way" lie is finally unmasked and defeated?

I urge you to distribute this note widely,

Dr. Scott Lively, J.D., Th.D. President, Abiding Truth Ministries