Let There Not Be Any Of This STUFF In My Church!

Faultline USA Friday the Glenn Beck program featured the latest attempt by the far left at the continuing infiltration into America's churches and synagogues. An extreme environmentalist indoctrination program for teens called "Let There Be . . .Stuff" was designed by the pantheistic ("God is everything and everything is God") Green religion and has already been accepted for use by several Mainline Christian churches. According to Beck, the program is sponsored by the infamous George Soros's Tides foundation.

Let There Be . . .Stuff is a spin off from The Story of Stuff, an animated environmentalist indoctrination video used in public schools across the country. According to Beck, The Story of Stuff is an "anti-capitalist tale that unfortunately has virtually no facts correct." Go to this link to see The Story of Stuff video and to see the debunking videos as well.

Now back to what they are doing in our churches. Here's what "Let There Be . . .Stuff" has to say about their own program promoting religious pluralism:

GreenFaith and The Story of Stuff Project have teamed up to create, Let There Be ... Stuff?, a six-session curriculum for teenagers that explores the relationship between their consumption, their faith, and the health of the planet.

More: http://faultlineusa.blogspot.com/2010/10/let-not-there-be-any-of-this-stuff-in.html