Ecokooks Prevent Saving Valley Forge Forest

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In a country infested by moonbats, there isn't much you can do without facing a lawsuit. Here's what happened when plans were made to cull the massive herd of over 1,200 deer devouring the forest at Valley Forge:

[T]he Pennsylvania chapter of Friends of Animals has begun a campaign called the Coyote Coexistence Initiative, an outgrowth of a lawsuit the group filed last year to try to stop the deer shoots. That suit, still active, helped delay the first kill for a year.

One of the Friends' arguments is that park officials did not fully consider the role of natural predators — specifically coyotes — in maintaining a stable deer population. The initiative seeks to promote respect for coyotes as important players in the environment and to reduce what has been a dramatic increase in the number of coyotes killed in Pennsylvania.

Encouraging the growth of the coyote population will spare deer the inhumanity of a quick bullet; instead they will be torn apart and eaten — as will area pets and quite possibly children.