Democrats activate maniacal pre-election smear machine

David KupelianPosted: October 19, 2010 12:13 am Eastern

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One of the most extraordinary and consequential races to be decided Nov. 2 is one you've probably never heard of – the challenge to powerful 12-term "progressive" Rep. Peter DeFazio by renowned scientist Art Robinson in Oregon's 4th Congressional District.

There's been little press on this race. Dick Morris and Karl Rove, during their nightly election-race analyses on "Hannity," don't mention it. And the Republican National Committee hasn't even given a cent to the Republican challenger.

Why? Because they've all considered Robinson's race against DeFazio unwinnable.

Until now.

As WND reported Friday, an eye-opening independent poll shows DeFazio – who won re-election in 2008 with a staggering 82 percent of the vote – is running neck and neck with Robinson in the home stretch. The Wilson Research Strategies poll shows DeFazio up by only 6 points, leading Robinson 48-42 percent, with a 5.6 point margin of error. In other words, this "unwinnable" House seat is suddenly "in play."

But there's much more at stake here than a House seat.

This particular congressional race epitomizes everything that is rotten – and wonderful – about America today, and about the historic choice Americans will make Nov. 2.

Consider: Peter DeFazio is one of Congress' most influential progressives, having co-founded the House Progressive Caucus and served as its chairman. A true left-wing radical with a folksy Oregonian exterior, he supports socialized medicine (he voted for Obamacare) and partial-birth abortion. To bolster his re-election chances, he now brags that he opposed Obama and Pelosi on the stimulus – but doesn't disclose the reason: He voted no because the $787 billion stimulus had too many tax breaks!

Worse than all this – and I'm choosing my words carefully now – DeFazio is a deceitful political hack, so desperate to hang on to his coveted congressional seat he's occupied for 24 years that he's willing to blatantly libel and slander his opponent with wild untruths – all crafted to scare voters just before election time.

The DeFazio attack machine is running a series of outrageous television, print and online ads accusing Robinson of being funded by Big Oil, of being in the pocket of Wall Street, of planning on shutting down the nation's public schools, of planning the demise of the Social Security system – and even of plotting to irradiate Americans' drinking water! Oh, and he's also being called a racist – of course.