Richmond, VA. Worldview Weekend Rally for students and adults

Biblical Worldview Conference in Richmond, Virginia, Sunday Night, November 14th (No Admission Charge)Please help us get the word out about this rally that is for students and adults by sending this e-mail to all your friends within driving distance and by putting on your Facebook. Click here:

What: Worldview Weekend Rally for students and adults Purpose: To equip Christians to understand the times in light of Biblical truth and how God would have us respond Where: KingsWay Community Church 14111 Sovereign Grace Drive Midlothan, VA 23114 When: Sunday Night, November 14th, 2010 (5:00 pm to 8:30 p.m.) Cost: No admission fee but you must register and print out a ticket by going to

Speakers: Brannon Howse sample presentation # 1 Sample Presentation #2

Usama Daktak Sample presentation #1 Sample presentation #2

100% New Material! Recommended for ages 10 to 110. We have had capacity crowds all over the country. Topics include: The Worldview War of Islam; What does the Koran really Say?; How is Global Governance Becoming a Reality?; The Danger and Rise of Ecumenicalism and a One-World Religion and How Christians must Respond; Why is it Impossible for Christians and Muslims to find Common Ground; How the Events Unfolding in America and Around the World Reveal the Supernatural Nature of God's Word; Why are the Globalists Pleased Americans Are Watching Washington D.C. and Not Them?; Why You Can Trust the Communists to Be Communists; Why We Must Make Disciples and Proclaim The Gospel Above All; What is Sustainable Development and Why is it Unbiblical?; Why are Over 2,000 Communities and 1,095 American School's Implementing This United Nation's Agenda? Why We Must Teach Our Children and Grandchildren to be Faithful not Popular; Why and When Will Even the Conservative Media Turn on Christians?; How to Prepare Christian Students and Adults For The Increasing Worldview Ba ttle; Specific Bible Verses That Instruct us on How to Live Boldly for the Gospel in These Perilous Times; Four Things Bible-Minded Christians Must do to Contend Earnestly for the Faith; Why So Many People, Including Self-Professed Christians, are not Seeing the Spiritual Deception that is all Around us. How Can We Recognize Spiritual Deception so we can Protect Ourselves as well as Friends and Family? How Will the Last Days' Deception be Disguised? How do we Recognize a False Teacher, Prophet, or Anti-Christ? Who Will Listen to and Follow a False Teacher, a False Jesus, and a False Gospel? What Happens to Those that Reject Truth Over and Over? Are Christians to Expose False Teachers Publically or not? What is Biblical truth? What Does it Mean to be Sanctified by Truth? How Should we Respond to the Spiritual Deception of the Last Days? What Will Occur When we Stand Against Spiritual Deception and Expose it for what it is? What Does the Bible Tell us that Will Equip and Encour age us in our Stand for Biblical truth? How and Why Beliefs About Where We Came From Determine Our Overall Worldview; Example after Example of Faulty Scientific Reasoning to Show that the Evidence Better Fits the Christian Worldview and not Evolution and much more. **Information about Branson Worldview Weekend conference (April 29-May 1, 2011) featuring Ken Ham, Randy Alcorn, Dr. Jerry Vines, David Limbaugh, Brannon Howse, David Noebel, Dr. Ron Carlson, Marquis Laughlin, Marty Goetz, is available at ** You can order copies of our full-color magazine with six cutting edge articles at no cost. We want to give you this magazine so please go to

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