Seeking A Christian Roomate (but) Not If You Live in Michigan!

Faultline USA If you haven’t already heard, Big Brother claims that it’s a violation of the Fair Housing law in Michigan to make a “discriminatory” statement. Apparently using the term “Christian” in an ad discriminates against non-Christians.

From Fox News:

A civil rights complaint has been filed against a woman in Grand Rapids, Mich., who posted an advertisement at her church last July seeking a Christian roommate.

The ad "expresses an illegal preference for a Christian roommate, thus excluding people of other faiths, according to the complaint filed by the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan.

"It's a violation to make, print or publish a discriminatory statement," Executive Director Nancy Haynes told Fox News. "There are no exemptions to that."

Haynes said the unnamed 31-year-old womans case was turned over to the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. Depending on the outcome of the case, she said, the woman could face several hundreds of dollars in fines and fair housing training so it doesnt happen again.

From WorldNetDaily:

The complaint signed by Tyra Khan, a "Civil Rights Representative" of the state of Michigan Department of Civil Rights, surfaced when the Alliance Defense Fund announced today it was representing the woman.

ADF spokesman Joel Oster confirmed the organization sent a letter to the state explaining that such housing rules don't apply to people living in their own homes and wanting to share their resources.

In the mean time, while the Marxist state of Michigan is battling it out with the Alliance Defense Fund, it might be a good idea to help out these lame state investigators by scanning every ad you can find and making legitimate reports of housing discrimination to:

Fair Housing Center of West Michigan

20 Hell Street SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Tel: (616) 451-2980, Toll Free 1-866-389-FAIR

Fax (616) 451-2657


OOOPS . . .Gotcha- that’s Hall Street in the above address. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Remember that these Loons consider any use of discretion in any published ad as a form of discrimination. For example, expressing a preference for a cat over a dog or for no pets over pets is discrimination against much of the animal world. If you find such an ad, send a copy to PETA as well.

So Let’s Keep Michigan’s Fair Housing Center busy. Just send a copy of any legitimate ad that you find to be discriminatory (according to their pin-head standards) to:

Here’s their web address

Another worthy pastime might be to consider the development of real secret Christian code words to use when seeking to locate other forced to live underground Christian roommates. Why not? The left has been convinced for years that Christians already use code on a daily basis. Let’s keep them hunting for new code. It could be fun. They don’t even know the difference between code and a real prayer. So constantly yanking their chains should be easy. Did you catch the code there???

Here are a few examples:

I’m looking for a roommate who has been saved by grace.

I’m looking for a roommate who has the gift of discernment.

I’m looking for a Roommate who listens to (insert your favorite Christian Group)

Someone left a great comment on one blog :

Perhaps the ad should have said: “I am a committed Christian and love sharing my faith.” That should alert potential roommates of what to expect.