Why Has Communism Failed? (A Must Read!)

OrthodoxNet.comIleana Johnson Websource: Free Republic

The last three years have been quite scary for me as I relived many things that I thought I left behind in communist Romania when I decided to immigrate to the United States in 1978.

I have deja vus every day. I wake up wondering what freedoms have I lost today completely, have been curtailed, or are in the process of being curtailed through laws that none of the Congressmen who voted for them have read. How much closer am I today to living in a totalitarian society?

I wondered to myself, “What happened to the separation of powers” and to the famous American “checks and balances?” What happened to the rule of law and equal under the law that Americans were so famous for? People shrug their shoulders, give me puzzled looks and cannot answer my questions. Everybody is putting their hopes on November’s mid-term election and its outcome. What if the election does not turn the way we hope it will? What then? Are we going to be content to live under communism?

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