The Progressive Assault on America

PatriotPost.US "The progressive assault on America continues, and their favorite whipping boy remains Arizona. A three-judge panel from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned that state's requirement that people show proof of citizenship to register to vote, calling it 'inconsistent' with the National Voter Registration Act. In other words, a United States court considers that proving one is an American citizen in order to vote in an American election an 'undue burden.' How in the world did we come to this? ... What's the best way to destroy our democratic republic? Getting enough Americans to question the integrity of our election process has to be high on the list. And since every case ever litigated in this country with regard to voter ID has had Democrats lined up on the side where less proof is required for voting -- using the phony 'disenfranchisement' argument as an excuse -- an unmistakable pattern is emerging. A pattern which can be reduced to one simple idea: The acquisition and/or maintenance of power by any means necessary. ... Maintaining the integrity of our election process far outweighs any individual undue burdens, and the overwhelming majority of Americans know it. Those who are determined to fight such commonsense provisions aren't fooling anyone, except perhaps their fellow travelers. There is absolutely no reasonable argument to offer against making sure that Americans, and only Americans, vote in American elections -- none. One more compelling reason for decent Americans to get out and vote ... Tuesday. Maybe the most important one of all." --columnist Arnold Ahlert