Quick And Dirty Guide To How All The High Profile Races You Care About Turned Out

Right Wing NewsJohn Hawkins

This was done by state, using the data available late last night. In some cases, the votes were still being counted.

Alabama: Roby (R) 51% vs. Bright (D) 49% Alaska: Miller (R) 35% vs. Murkowski (I) 40% vs. McAdams (D) 24% Arizona: Quayle (R) 53% vs. Hulburd 41% Arizona: Schweikert (R) 53% vs. Mitchell 42% -- JD Hayworth's former seat Arizona: Grijalva (D) 48% vs. McClung 46% California: Boxer (D) 50% vs. Fiorina (R) 45% -- Senate California: Brown (D) 52% vs. Whitman (R) 43% -- Governor California: Harmer (R) 49% vs. McNerney (D) 46% California: Parker (R) 24% vs. Richardson (D) 68% California: Sanchez (D) 50% vs. Tran (R) 43% Continued: http://rightwingnews.com/2010/11/a-quick-and-dirty-guide-to-how-all-the-high-profile-races-you-care-about-turned-out/