Mass. Republican Party's RINO strategy a big part of election losses in top state races (Video)

Massresistance In an election where Republicans were conquering the country, Massachusetts is probably the only state in America where the Republicans were completely blanked out in all statewide offices and all Congressional districts. Is that just coincidence, or were the Republicans here possibly doing something wrong?

In April 2009 the Boston homosexual newspaper Bay Windows featured a front-page interview with newly elected Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Nassour. She told Bay Windows that the Party will no longer oppose same-sex "marriage", abortion, or other divisive "social issues."

In many peoples' opinion that was the beginning of the end, which culminated in a complete shutout of statewide and Congressional races in Tuesday's election.

The forced big-tent approach to morality has become the Party's official position. The pro-gay, pro-abortion Baker/Tisei team reflected it completely. And if a Republican candidate was personally pro-life or pro-traditional marriage, the apparent strategy was either to never mention it or obfuscate when asked about it.

It didn't work. It confused people. And it alienated a fairly significant part of the Republican Party base -- the part that does a lot of the actual work. At a certain point it started to look pretty ridiculous.

For example, watch this debate between Sean Bielat and Barney Frank on abortion. Bielat's handlers have him attempting to triangulate on the abortion issue. Barney Frank clearly wins this debate. It's a pathetic example of the Mass. Republican Party's strategy on social issues.

VIDEO: Sean Bielat & Barney Frank debate abortion: