Sexualizing our Kids, No Thank You Hollywood?

CreationRevolution What was the very first reaction from Adam and Eve when they ate the forbidden fruit? Genesis 3:7 says: Then the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked, and they sewed fig tree leaves together, and made themselves breeches. Even before they hid from God, they realized they were naked and covered themselves.

Elsewhere in Scripture we are told that it is wrong to look upon the nakedness of others. There is the account Ham seeing his father’s nakedness, and the Levitical laws that condemn looking at the nakedness of family members (Leviticus 18).

There is no doubt from Scripture that any form of nudity outside of the privacy of marriage is wrong. However, we see an ever increasing amount of evidence of how our society is openly embracing public nudity. What is more alarming is that there are those that are doing their best to subject our children to sex and nudity at younger and younger ages.

Several weeks ago, there was a stir on the news about the appearance of songstress Katy Perry on Sesame Street. In keeping with her image, Perry was wearing one of her skimpy outfits that revealed more of her personality than most parents wanted their kids to observe. With song lyrics like, “baby girl turn me on with your electric feel” and “sex on a beach, …we freak in my jeep…”, one has to wonder why the producers of the popular children’s show would even have such a guest to begin with.

If you do a search on the internet for Katy Perry and Sesame Street, you will find dozens of articles that supported the appearance of Perry on the children’s show and mock those that caused the episode to be pulled. Some of the articles go as far as to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Perry wearing revealing outfits while appearing on the show.

This isn’t the only questionable thing that has occurred on the set of Sesame Street. One report released shortly after the Perry incident listed several sexually oriented high jinks that took place on the set of the show.

• “Certain members of the crew used to place postcards containing images of scantily clad women on the rack inside Mr. Hooper’s grocery store.” • “Once in a while, a box of condoms would mysteriously appear between cereal boxes” on the shelves of Mr. Hooper’s store. • At the annual Christmas party one year, “the entire set was turned into a 1960s go-go bar, complete with dancing girls shakin’ it in Big Bird’s nest…. Whatever the theme, each and every year, Elmo and his pals would perform R-rated skits that would leave the audience in stitches. One of my favorites was the time Ernie and Bert finally came out of the closet.”

Over the past thirty years, Hollywood has been promoting sexually suggestive themes to a younger and younger audience. It started out targeting college age students with movies such as Animal House. Then it moved on to high school aged kids with television programs like Hollywood 90210. The program Two and Half Men moved the age level down to elementary and junior high school age. These aren’t the only examples as sadly the numbers are steadily increasing.

Hollywood has been progressively getting bolder and bolder in their efforts to make sexual permissiveness acceptable to a younger audience. During the past few years, ABC’s Desperate Housewives was the most popular TV show with kids in the 9-12 years of age range. The top shows among the 12-17 year old range includes Will & Grace, The Simpsons, Malcolm and The O.C.

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