Another Strange Occurance At My Church Tonight (Possibly Terror Related)

Free Republic I hesitate to write this because I don't want to come off as paranoid. But I figured its worth it to share info just in case there really is something in the planning stages.

Especially after the church masacre last week in Baghdad, I believe that it is highly possible that a similar attack could take place in the US.

Tonight 4 middle-eastern men were seen down our childrens' wing at our church. They were walking briskly and talking in Arabic.

A woman spotted them at the other end of the hall. She tried to catch up to them but they exited into the lobby and by the time she got to it they had disappeared. A few people looked but no one saw them leave the building.

There was no reason for anyone to be down that hallway. There were no children's programs going. It's possible that they could have taken a wrong turn. But it just doesn't feel right.

This is the 3rd incident since last March involving young middle-eastern men. The first one involved them asking odd questions about the size of our services, questions about the children's area, even requesting a layout of the building.

The FBI has been alerted and its been discovered that at least one other church in the area has had a similar incident take place.

I'm writing this here because I think there are alot of FReepers who attend church. I would ask you to inquire whether anything unusual has happened in recent months in your church. Especially if you are a large church. And especially if you are located in the Detroit area.

We must be willing to think about these things (not obsess over them) but reasonably consider the possibility. Thank you.

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