BREAKING NEWS: Submarine-Launched Missile Fired Off Coast of San Diego! This isn't good.

When I first heard this, and read the news, my initial reaction was the thought that China is warning us not to continue to 'disrespect their investment.'

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that this is far and away the most likely option, but again, it is just my opinion of what happened. They certainly have the means, the motive, and the opportunity!

And let's face it; Barack Hussein Obama doesn't seem to like America very much; the timing sure is interesting, since the whole of the Obama Regime is safely out of the country!

Now I have no desire to begin a conspiracy theory; that said, we must consider the most likely options; at this point, a Chinese warning to quit disrespecting their investment is the most reasonable thing to conclude; as Glenn Beck pointed out just now, he's never heard of the U.S. Military 'accidentally' firing a submarine-launched missile in his life; neither have I.

And the fact that it happened so soon after the 'loss of communication' with a third of our nuclear deterrent capability makes me wonder if that originated in China, also.

It's way past time to impeach Barack Hussein Obama and his cronies! January cannot come fast enough!

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