Check Out "Dumb Things Libs Say!" As we all know, Libs say the darnest things be it in blogs, posts, discussions or on TV. So we want you to scour the net and post the dumbest quote you can find from a Liberal/Progressive...or whatever they are calling themselves today!

I'll start the thread with one of the most ridiculous ones I've seen today:

You've seen the video, you know how silly it is:

“Are things in our country so bad that it might actually be time for revolution?” Dylan Radigan asked yesterday on his MSNBC show. His unequivocal reply: “The answer is obviously ‘yes.’ The only question is, ‘how to do it?’”

So what kinds of abuses are we obviously going to rise up against? “Wrongful wars,“ ”corrupt economy,“ ”special interest industries,” “the political system itself,“ and ”gerrymandering.”

“To clear our dire problems may require even more drastic solutions,” he said. While introducing his cartoonist guest, Ratigan says those solutions might include “violence or at least the threat thereof”:

Huh??? This is a productive conversation? I think not. Asinine, yes! Productive? No! Legal? Highly questionable!

So, if a lib line has made you laugh at the absolutely insane audacity of it it, share with us because we want to laugh too!

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