Are Americans playing around with the end of civilization?

Forget socialism and inflation; something else is already causing society to unravelPosted: November 09, 2010 8:55 pm Eastern

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For a long time it was an article of faith among Christians, conservatives and other traditionalists: They believed that when homosexuality becomes widely accepted and even celebrated in a society, that society starts to die.

But such a notion, at least according to today's secular progressive culture, is worse than a bad joke. It's bigoted. It's paranoid. It's insane.

Or is it?

The November issue of WND's monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled "AMERICA'S GAY OBSESSION," says it's not only not bigoted, paranoid or insane, but it's absolutely historically true – and moreover, is where America is rapidly heading unless it reverses course.

Here's how one article from the issue, "The end-of-civilization question" by Brian Fitzpatrick, starts off:

Most societies throughout history, even the wealthiest and mightiest, have eventually collapsed and died. Why? Why don't they just continue to evolve and flourish forever as their knowledge and technology grow? What allows some cultures to continually bloom, and others to wither?

This question – normally one of mere historical and academic concern – is increasingly relevant to millions of Americans as they behold their beloved nation struggling in the grip of unprecedented financial, political, cultural and moral conflict.

Indeed, many are warning that America is not immune to the forces and influences that have caused other great empires to self-destruct.

In particular, traditional-minded voices point to the rapid growth in America of homosexuality – not only its prevalence, but its virtual celebration – as eerily reminiscent of Sodom and Gomorrah, the ancient cities whose destruction due to rampant immorality is described in the Old Testament of the Bible.

From the time of this nation's founding all the way up until the current era, mainstream Americans held the Bible to be their ultimate guidebook, and the "Judeo-Christian values" it espoused as their highest principles.

Today, however – especially throughout the elite realms of academia, science, government and the news and entertainment media – the Bible no longer retains the stature and universal credibility it once did. In its place, we listen to sociologists, scientists and other researchers and "experts."

But what if the findings of "experts" – not necessarily those in thrall to irrational socialistic and atheistic philosophies, but those more in sync with the basic values that founded America and Western Civilization as a whole – lined up perfectly with those of the Bible?

Such would present a powerful message – and warning – to the current generation of Americans, particularly regarding the dangers of sexual anarchy and homosexuality.

This is precisely the warning being sounded in the pages of "AMERICA'S 'GAY' OBSESSION."

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