Mass: 7 Teachers "Come Out," Encourage Students to Do So As Well

MassResistance Seven teachers at Concord-Carlisle High School hold assembly telling students how they "came out" as homosexuals -- encouraging students to do the same More propaganda targeting vulnerable kids POSTED: Nov 11 2010 Using the excuse of "gay youth suicides" reported in other states, schools in Massachusetts are intensifying their propaganda to portray homosexuality as a positive, natural, and irreversible behavior for kids to engage in -- and at the same time stigmatize any criticism of homosexuality as dangerous and even a sign of mental illness.

On October 21, a group of seven homosexual teachers at Concord-Carlisle High School led an afternoon assembly describing to students how they "came out" as homosexuals, and how "their lives have improved as a result." They emphasized that "coming out" - publicly declaring oneself as "gay" or "transgender' - is a healthy growth experience, and that once you've finally internalized that you're "gay" (or "transgender") it's permanent but satisfying. The event was reported in the local Carlisle Mosquito newspaper.

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