Embittered Democrats Turning Against Pelosi

NewsMax House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is facing her last days as majority leader under increasing fire from fellow Democrats, growing numbers of whom do not want her to lead them in the minority under Republicans. If they succeed, it will be a brutal end for a politician some have called the most powerful House speaker of modern times. Pelosi was known for keeping a tight lid on rebellious factions in the left and right of her party, even as she developed a skill for co-opting members into passing difficult legislation such as Obamacare.

Pelosi announced Friday that she’s running for minority leader in the new Congress. Although there are signs that her election still may hold, a movement by Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina and other members of the fiscally conservative blue dogs to block her ascent has picked up support from some liberals and even a handful of longtime Pelosi allies, according to Fox News.

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