Obama miffed by questions on U.S.

ResistNet.com SEOUL – In the homestretch of his nine-day, post-election foreign trip, a prickly President Barack Obama faced a barrage of questions about his domestic agenda and how he’ll govern with an emboldened

Republican leadership in Congress.

Obama, speaking during a press conference at the end of the two-day G-20 summit, knocked down reports that he’s settled on a compromise with Republicans on extending the Bush tax cuts. He gave a bland endorsement of outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bid for leadership in the new Congress. And he said he intends to also push Republicans to support a range of his proposals to speed up job growth, including infrastructure investments and tax incentives for businesses.

“My expectation would be that there’s no reason for them not to support them just because I’m supporting them,” Obama said.

At the same time, Obama said permanently extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy would be “a mistake” and called Republican support for the move “fiscally irresponsible.” He repeated several times that his top priority is making the tax cuts for the middle class permanent, something he believes the government can afford despite a mounting deficit.

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