The Confusion of Christians Abets the Move to Godlessness

byHilmar von Campe

Some time ago, when I drove friends of ours, a couple, to the airport in Miami we had a discussion about religion. I said something along the lines that the only sane road for America and humanity to take is to obey God’s Commandments. She objected and said that not everybody believed in the Christian religion and that we couldn’t force our views on them. I answered that the issue was not religion and that it didn’t make any difference whether somebody believed in God or not because God’s Commandments are obligatory for every last person on earth regardless of what their religion is and whether they believe in God or not. She was horrified about my ‘self- righteous intolerance’ and asked: “Do you think that we Christians are better than all the others and that our religion is right and the other religions are wrong?”

I answered that this was not a question of being better than others or others being inferior, but about truth and how humanity can live together as equals instead of fighting and killing each other. I confirmed to her, however, that other religions were definitely wrong, and if she didn’t think so, then she would not be a Christian as she claimed to be. If God is merely the religious expression of what some people believe, then you could discuss with others whether something else might also be right or even better. And that is the position into which the enemies of God and freedom have maneuvered our politicians and Christians.

Confusion reigns. God and religion are not identical. But God is reality. He created the universe and all mankind, and laid down the rules to live by for everybody regardless what their background is and what they believe in. His Commandments must be put into place in all nations beginning with ours. If we put our house in order other nations will follow our example.

Our government establishment is out to destroy the reality of the Constitution. Immoral rulers like Hitler and Obama do not want to a face a higher authority than themselves. They want to establish their own rules. However, the development awakened millions of Americans to the abandonment of God in our society and to the necessity to recognize that it is the responsibility of every citizen to make God again the center of this Christian nation. We are even discussing publicly what makes a person a Christian. I thought I was a Christian because I went to church. But when I looked at myself with the eyes of God, which means I applied absolute moral standards to my life and my actions I became aware that I was no Christian at all. I lied without thinking, I stole, I cheated and realized that I was a self centered person whose purpose in life was I myself. For about one hour I wrote down all my sins I could remember. When I wrote down the first sin it was as if somebody had taken away a curtain before my eyes. For the first time I saw the reality of my life. And then I began to see the reality of other people with new eyes - like mine before I became honest to myself.

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