Profaning the Sacred Leads to Insanity and Death of the Constitution

It was in the heart of Christendom, during the 19th century that the German philosopher and mystic Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1869) brazenly proclaimed the death of the supernatural God. Dubbing himself the Antichrist, Nietzsche spoke through his character the madman, who exclaimed: "Where has God gone? We have killed Him, you and I! We are his murderers! Who gave us the sponge to wipe away the entire horizon? What did we do when we unchained the earth from the sun? What are churches now but tombs and sepulchers of God?"

Niezsche was saying that mankind had conceptually murdered God, and that with His death, the foundations of Christendom had been destroyed. A great darkness (moral insanity and evil) would cover Christendom, and in that darkness, up would be down, truth would be lie, right would be wrong, the profane would be sacred, abnormal would be normal, men would be gods, massive wars would engulf the West and killing on a scale never before witnessed would occur.

By 1974, America had been sufficiently atheitized that "death of God" theologians such as David Miller felt emboldened to follow in Nietzsche's footsteps and declare the funeral of God.

Whereas Nietzsche foresaw that the death of the Biblical God would lead to the death of Christendom, Miller rejoices that with God dead and buried, that "useless single-minded and one dimensional norm of a civilization" (America) will also die because the enduring precepts, unalienable rights, moral law, and traditions that make up America would also die.

That the America of the Founders is near death is verified by Virginia Armstrong, Ph.D. in her recently published Eagle Forum Court Watch article titled, "Our Dying Constitution---How To Revive It." Armstrong argues that the unalienable rights, self-evident truths, and enduring precepts on which the Constitution is based are Biblical in origin. But because Darwinism in effect means the death of God, it also means the death of the Constitution. Why? Because Darwinism is amoral, this means that moral relativism has stealthily pushed aside and taken the place of the Constitution's unalienable rights, self-evident truths, and enduring precepts. In practice this means that with the exception of a handful of strict Constitutionalists, the rest are moral relativists for whom the Constitution is a "living, changing document," which means in turn that truth and morality are a matter of opinion, taste, neccessity, and desire.

This deplorable situation was aptly described by U.S. Senator Sam Ervin in 1981. Ervin warned that:

" The usurpation of this power (to amend the Constitution) by Supreme Court Justices does not prove that the Constitution is a living instrument of government. On the contrary, it proves that the Constitution is dead, and that the people of our land are being ruled by the transitory personal notions of Justices who occupy for a fleeting moment of history seats on the Supreme Court bench rather than by the enduring precepts of the Constitution."

Just as Nietzsche and later Miller foresaw, with the death of God (and His replacement by evolutionism) the foundations of Christendom and America would die as well, which is why in contemporary America, there are no longer any enduring standards for measuring truth from lie, reality from surreality, fact from illusion, and good from evil.

In illustration of this claim, consider weights and measurements. One pound remains sixteen ounces only so long as one ounce remains one ounce and not some other weight, more or less. Just so, a foot remains twelve inches only so long as an inch remains an inch and not some other measurement, either shorter or longer.

In short, weights and measurements are reliable only so long as the standards on which they are grounded remain sacrosanct, which means inviolable.

By extension, right and wrong and truth and falsehood are only comprehensable and reliable only so long as both the meaning of words and the moral law of which they are manifestations remain sacred.

By extension, in that moral law, the meaning of words, and virtues such as honesty, trust, respect, and honor are absolutely vital for moral sanity, social cohesion, and ordered liberty, the widespread profaning of the sacred leads to widespread moral insanity and consequent social disorders such as disrespect, suspicion, paranoia, contempt, hatred, vengeance-seeking, and resentment, all of which lead inevitably to total breakdown and from there to tyranny.

The moment that man begins to violate sacrosanct standards, both words and morality lose their meaning and reliability, which describes the situation in morally relative contemporary America. Today, who can know what is true and right? Is the Constitution a living document or not? Are the 9/11 bombers the real terrorists or as hate-America moral relativists claim, are the real terrorists gun rights activists, pro-lifers, pastors, Tea Partiers and other defenders of traditional values America? Are there only two sexes, male and female, or are there ever-evolving genders? Is the money you work for and the property you own actually yours or is all of it the property of the state? What is the meaning of fascist and does fascist describe progressive socialists and their followers or Tea Partiers and conservatives and Christians? What is the definition of "is," as Bill Clinton infamously quipped?

In contemporary America, the widespread violation of the sacred has resulted in an epidemic of moral insanity, pathological lying, power-grabbing, legalized plunderering, and the other social evils plaguing our nation.

Virginia Armstrong, the author of the Eagle Forum article warns that our dying Constitution can "survive and thrive ONLY if it continues to be characterized by the three C's...certainty, consistency, and continuity." For this to be a reality, we must revive the Judeo-Christian foundations on which this once great nation and its' founding documents are grounded. The Judeo-Christian worldview "is the only approach to the Constitution which will promote the three Cs in America's law and culture."