Dick Armey is not the tea party

ResistNet.com Guess who was the real big winner in the 2010 midterm election?

The word on the street in Washington is that it was Dick Armey, the former House majority leader.

I'll bet you didn't even know he was on the ballot.

Guess what? You were right.

But he's being hailed as "the godfather of the tea-party movement." And he is being positioned by insiders – as well as his own PR machine and a media determined to constrain the impact of the grass-roots activists actually responsible for the historic congressional shift – to serve as an adviser to the Republican freshmen in the House and a mediator between them and the new House leadership.


This is what I have been warning about for a year – and especially since the publication on Independence Day of my book "The Tea Party Manifesto."

Dick Armey is trying to reinvent himself as the leader of the tea-party movement, the voice of the tea-party movement, the prime mover of the tea-party movement, the old sage of the tea-party movement, the idea-man behind the tea-party movement.

The gravest threat the tea-party movement faces is being co-opted by old-line establishment politicians without a real vision for the future – people like Dick Armey.

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