Gender Benders Wage War On Sports


Columnists who prize equality of the sexes in college athletics often scowl at how men's athletic programs get more money and media attention. But a new frontier on the battleground of men's and women's athletics is upon us: When is a female jock really female, and a male really a guy?

Kye Allums, a shooting guard on the George Washington University women's basketball team, has decided that she is a he. Changing her name from "Kay-Kay," Allums is believed to be the first Division I college basketball player to go public about being a "transgender" person.

The obvious question is whether Allums would still be able to compete. You can't have men playing in a women's basketball program, and it's more than awkward to have a man showering with the women in the locker room. Spurred by a track-and-field controversy four years ago, NCAA rules prohibit sexual reassignment surgery or hormone treatments for athletes to retain their eligibility. Allums, a junior, has pledged to forego those steps while she retains her eligibility for college basketball.

But in the meantime, in the midst of a culture that doesn't dare utter a discouraging word about gender denial and genital self-mutilation, Allums is listed on the GWU website as a male member of the women's basketball team. All the press reports swoon about how "he" -- who remains a woman in every biological way -- is handling this so bravely as a role model: "I'm trying to be an example for other people to not be afraid of who they are."

(The Good Lord must be so grateful for the creative editing of Creation.)

Allums says a friend told her that "that a person's sex is between their legs, but that their gender is between their ears." She boasts, "My teammates have embraced me as the big brother of the team." Transgender activists insist that everyone accept their favored pronouns, despite their obvious inaccuracy. That's the kind of Allums-in-Wonderland logic that is forced upon our sports media, which can't seem to locate anyone in their good-for-you coverage that would even whisper that this is ... weird. That's apparently hate speech.

So "he" plays in a girls' league, and we should all accept that. What the transgender revolutionaries want is a culture that allows children to choose an opposing gender while they're still in school sports. In a report for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Stephanie Brill of a group called "Gender Spectrum" was blunt: Read More: