Net neutrality rules set for showdown in the US US regulators are set for a showdown over rules to ensure an open internet.

The rules are intended to prohibit phone and cable companies blocking or discriminating against internet traffic over their broadband networks.

Net neutrality was one of the Obama administrations top campaign pledges to the technology industry.

Today, the head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Julius Genachowski sent draft rules to its members.

Two Republican commissioners have already said they oppose the chairman's "reckless" proposal which they will be asked to vote on when the Commission meets on 21 December.

In a speech in Washington, Mr Genachowski said his rules were "consistent with President Obama's commitment to "keep the internet as it should be - open and free".

"It is the internet's openness and freedom - the ability to speak, innovate and engage in commerce without having to ask anyone's permission - that has enabled the internet's unparalleled success."

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