ResistNet.com Thanks to Dick Morris for bringing this to our attention... 3 GOP SENATORS BETRAY US!By Dick Morris 12.6.2010

Dear Friend,

The formerly solid wall of Republican opposition to any tax increase has now been breached and it is up to us to repair it and plug it up!

Three normally conservative Senators — Tom Coburn (Oklahoma), Mike Crapo (Idaho) and Judd Gregg (New Hampshire) — have voted in favor of the Bowles-Simpson Deficit Reduction Commission’s recommendations for massive tax hikes. Coburn, Crapo, and Gregg are laboring under the grand illusion that tax increases can reduce the deficit.

In fact, the record is the exact opposite! Tax increases dampen economic growth (particularly during a recession) and never bring in the revenue they are supposed to. And, because they hurt the economy, they increase mandatory entitlement spending on Medicaid, welfare, unemployment compensation, and food stamps, thereby eradicating any spending cuts that may have accompanied them.

Coburn, Crapo and Gregg’s vote endorses and sends to Congress a report that calls for a nine-year tax hike of $1.3 trillion, raising the federal tax burden permanently to 21% of GDP as opposed to the average of 18% to date (source: Americans for Tax Reform).

It even eliminates Congressional control over tax increases. They would become automatic after 2013 unless the Commission’s proposals are implemented.

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