Texas School Refuses To Even Acknowledge Christmas

Liberty Juice The term “War on Christmas” has gone viral- but it’s the only apt description of what is taking place to this most important and special day of the year. As a Texas girl, I’m usually proud to define the strength of our state and to boast of it’s good, strong Conservative decision-making. However, there is one Texas school, located in Katy, that needs a wake up call today.

Parents of Roosevelt Alexander Elementary are angry today and for good cause. When receiving their December calendar- Kwanzaa is celebrated and so is “Mr. Alexander’s” birthday- which happens to fall on the 25th. However, Christmas is nowhere to be found on the calendar. InstantNewsKaty writes:

Rhonda said the parents were upset over the calendar, but were also afraid to contact school officials for fear their children might be “targeted.”

“We’d all heard stories before about parents who raised a fuss over one thing or another and, all of a sudden, their kids ended up in trouble at school,” Rhonda said. “That’s probably why that calendar is being sent around to the news media instead of to the school.”

Rev. Jim Hutchins, who heads a group called “Christian Pride Coalition,” said he suspects the calendar is “another example of a public entity trying to distance itself from Christianity.”

“We’re seeing examples of this nationwide and it’s frankly very troubling. We’re seeing cities, counties, school systems and other governmental entities seemingly trying to act like Christianity does not exist,” Hutchins said. “They appear to take the position that the supposed ‘separation of church and state’ only applies to Christianity. At the same time they refuse to acknowledge any aspect of Christianity, they stress other religions or observances, like Kwanzaa, as though they’re paying some sort of penance for this nation’s Christian heritage.”

Hutchins stressed he did not oppose a school system “teaching and celebrating all religious beliefs,” but Christianity needed to be acknowledged as well.

InstantNewsKaty contacted the school district for comment on the Alexander Elementary calendar issue. So far, no one has responded to that request for comment.

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