Will the last masculine institution fall?

Worldview WeekendBy Dave Welch

As the battle over "don't ask, don't tell" continues to rage inside and outside the D.C. Beltway – or as a good friend of mine who works there calls it, "the work-free drug place" – some larger questions must be asked. The underlying premise behind the GLBTQIA juggernaut that brought us to this point is that there are no moral boundaries governing sexual behavior.

Who decides what is moral? Who decides if there is such a thing as "morality"? Who sets the rules and has the right to establish standards of right and wrong? Whose "values" are best, or is there such a thing as "best"?

What gives me the right to tell you what you are doing is wrong? What gives me the right to say that your lifestyle is destructive and to say it cannot become the "norm" for society?

The answer to all these questions is not what or who, but rather, Who. More specifically, it is "I AM that I AM"(Exodus 3:14). Since I'm using an Old Testament passage that is foundational to both Christianity and Judaism, I'll call on my rabbi for some back up. Rabbi Daniel Lapin nailed a fundamental truth when he states in his book "America's Real War":

The secular liberal believes deep down that teaching morality and ethics to young children makes about as much sense as teaching morality to snakes and seals. What is "good" for one person is not necessarily "good" for another. What is "right" is not absolute, but only relative to the situation or how you feel. Character? Who's to dictate what makes good character? I'll take the rabbi's assertion one step further and say that religious liberals believe something very similar. How else can you explain liberal "Christian" and "Jewish" clergy standing and speaking in unity with atheists and agnostics on everything from abortion to state sponsorship of sexual deviancy and anti-Christian aggression to Darwinian evolution?

The common basis of all the above is their rejection of a Creator who spoke the universe into an intricately sophisticated and ordered existence, created mankind in His image, created them male and female and subsequently provided personal instructions based on His character as to how we should live.

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