Exploiting the Teen Temptress

Townhall.comBrent Bozell

You may have never heard of the 17-year-old actress Taylor Momsen, but she represents everything that's wrong with pop culture today. At 7, she starred as the adorable Cindy Lou Who in Jim Carrey's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," but there's nothing adorable in what she's done lately.

Momsen is a "multiple threat," matching acting on CW's smutty teen series "Gossip Girl" with a "music career" with a band accurately titled the Pretty Reckless. In July, still aged 16, Momsen's music video for the song "Miss Nothing" featured her in raccoonish eye makeup wearing a white silk bodysuit, fishnet stockings and garters -- not exactly your standard high school junior outfit -- a child crawling, standing and lying on her back on a banquet table offering herself figuratively as a morsel for men twice her age.

In September came another video, for the song "Make Me Wanna Die," where she walked down the street, systematically stripping until she stood in a fiery cemetery in her underwear and stockings. She promised in the lyrics she would steal and die for her beloved.

Then in October, Momsen -- realize, still legally a child -- appeared on the cover of the hard-rock magazine Revolver wearing a skimpy black camisole, black panties and the requisite garters and stockings -- but this time, she was carrying a Glock pistol and a sawed-off shotgun. The copy next to her promised verbiage on this "pretty reckless firestarter's appetite for destruction!"

Also in October, Momsen performed with her band in New York and upped the ante for the crowd, opening her shirt and exposing her breasts ("covered" by pasties). The Hollywood Gossip website underlined that "This was no invasion of the Gossip Girl star's privacy by paparazzi. Taylor Momsen made sure concert-goers saw Taylor Momsen topless on stage. Insane."

It's either insane -- or the act of giving the envelope-pushers exactly what they want. She also keeps celebrity gossips buzzing by joking she had sex with a priest, that "her best friend is her vibrator", that she set her neutered dog's testicles on fire as a protest against men and that she started a feud with Miley Cyrus and her repressive "bubblegum (expletive)," saying she never wanted to be "Miley f-ing Cyrus." Momsen blames her parents for ruining her life, that she never had a childhood and started working as a model and actress at age 2.

Momsen may be extreme, but the trend is well established -- the marketing of teenage temptresses for much older men. Oh, let's stop the niceties. It's not "teenage" anything. These are young girls. Children. And it's the glorification of statutory rape. Read More: http://townhall.com/columnists/BrentBozell/2010/12/17/exploiting_the_teen_temptress