Scrooge was A Rationalist Materialist

"A new “scientific” study suggests that Christmas trees should be removed from public places so that non-believers will feel comfortable." (source: )

The real issue here isn't whether Buddhists and Sikhs feel discomfort in a culture that is in effect "alien" to theirs. Ask any military member who has ever been assigned to an overseas location such as Turkey if he has felt discomfort at being in a strange culture and he will tell you yes. In short, it is to be expected that Buddhists and Sikhs will feel discomfort, for to them, being here is like being a fish out of water. No, the real issue here is the insidious underlying motivation of the so-called scientists.

As most scientists are of America's Godless Ruling Class, it is safe to say that most of them are evolutionary rationalist materialists, just as Scrooge was.

Materialism is the metaphysical belief that matter and the energy running through it are all there is. This notion is merely godless Epicurean atomism revamped and revised for our own time, and this means by extension that just as Epicurean atomism was a naturalistic blood and soil nature religion (paganism), so too is its modern counterpart.

Materialism denies the existence of all things supernatural and spiritual. In plain language this means that it denies the existence of the supernatural God and Heaven and Hell as well as angels, demons, and man's supernaturally-endowed soul, mind, conscience, and free will. All that exists, according to materialism, is only what can be sensed, that is, can be heard, seen, felt, smelled, or tasted. If it can be observed, weighed, and measured, then it exists. If not, then it does not exist. Because our thoughts, souls, free will, and conscience cannot be observed, weighed and measured, they are explained away by materialists even though it is self-evidently true that all men think, choose, and feel guilt.

At bottom, rationalist materialism is an alternative salvation system. In this system, sinful man achieves salvation from God the Father by denying his God-endowed spiritual attributes, which means that rationalist materialists are in denial of what all men know to be self-evidently true. In short, rationalist materialists are in denial of reality. They escape God and reality by conceptually reducing themselves to matter in motion. In this way they can explain away their own sinfulness and responsibility for it by redefining conscience, thoughts, and free will as epiphenomenon accidentally caused by the firing of synapses and the mixing of chemicals in the brain. In short, whatever bad things they think and do are not their fault because thought is caused by the firing of synapses and reactions of chemicals and actions are thereby determined.

Thus when Scrooge saw and heard the apparition Marley, in keeping with his rationalist materialism he attempted to explain Marley away by attributing him to indigestion caused by a bit of bad meat. As salvation for the enormously self-absorbed, hard-hearted Scrooge was in denying responsibility for his sinfulness, he had to deny the existence of God the Father, his own soul, conscience, and free will, perforce he had to deny the existence of Marley in order to be consistent with his ideology (rationalist materialism). As Christmas is a yearly reminder of man's Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and of everything that Scrooge was in denial of, he very naturally resented Christmas, for he desperately wanted no reminders of reality, for Truth and guilt were unwelcome intrusions into Scrooge's long dormant conscience.

In this light, the underlying motivation of the rationalist materialist scientists comes into view. They are not really interested in the feelings of Buddhists and Sikhs. Like self-absorbed Scrooge, they could care less about the feelings of others. No, their so-called disinterested scientific research is really about themselves and their need to prevent the intrusion of Truth and guilt into their seared consciences. As their salvation is from God the Father rather than by Him, like Scrooge, they deeply resent Christmas and all that it represents.

Merry Christmas to all, and may God the Father bless and keep you! Linda