"I Am God" Soros' now targeting messenger

Posted: December 25, 201010:00 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh © 2010 WorldNetDaily

For someone who once described himself as "some kind of god" and said that makes him feel comfortable, the scrutiny of a new report that looks into his increasing influence over the messengers in today's world probably won't have a personal impact.

But whether it affects him or not, octogenarian billionaire George Soros' funding of a media "monitor" that routinely attacks traditional and conservative media is becoming a focal point.

The report by Matthew Vadum, editor of Organization Trends, is scheduled to be released by the Capital Research Center in January.

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"Like the protagonist in the classic Orson Welles movie 'Citizen Kane,' Soros can never have enough power. But unlike Charles Foster Kane, the haughty, imperious fictional media mogul, Soros views himself as much more than a mere leader," the report says.

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