Dog-poop morons in D.C.

Craige McMillanPosted: December 30, 2010 1:00 am Eastern

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I hope you had a good Christmas this year. Oh, not the presents – but more the time spent with family and friends. Hang onto those memories. We're all going to need them.

One of my periodically revisited themes as a columnist has been that having our nation's federal government concentrated in Washington, D.C. – and its support structure on the East Coast – is a recipe for failure.

Well, the failure has arrived. Everywhere but D.C. The economic downturn has illuminated this federal isolation even more starkly. While housing prices in most of the nation have been slammed, they're doing quite well in our federal government's suburbs. In fact, D.C. house prices are up 3.7 percent this year. High-paying jobs abound. And those jobs come with all the trappings: great benefits, nice vacations and fat retirements.

The daily "world" that our government "servants" see bears no relationship to the world in which the folks they pretend to "represent" actually live. Government workers commute to work in a cityscape that exists only vaguely in most Americans' memories. And they make decisions for all the rest of us in true Alfred E. Neuman "what me worry" style.

Put bluntly, the people running things in D.C. are dumber than a pile of dog s---. They know nothing about what their policies are doing to the rest of the country – and they couldn't care less. Their isolation insures this.

They create trillions of dollars out of thin air, lavish it on their Wall Street banker and broker pals – as well as those around the world – and wonder what the problem is. "Everything here seems fine!" They only see the rest of America from 35,000 feet.

Not only are they stupid; they're deceitful. They devise global warming and other fantasies to further impoverish the middle class by extorting more money in faux-taxation. (Just what do you think a $50 surcharge on your utility bill for carbon emissions is, if not a tax?)

They start and fund illegal wars. (Congress hasn't declared one since World War II.) They open the borders to illegal immigration and punish states trying to protect their citizens from the flood of criminals flowing over the border. At the same time, they demand that mosques should be built with public money (New York City) and ensure that public schools embrace Muslim customs, while they terrorize Christians for exercising their faith.

They ignore the Constitution, its protections against unreasonable search and seizure and create a federal police force that demands "Your papers, Herr Citizen," for public travel. Yes, the World Trade Center was a tragedy, but s--- happens. It's the price we pay for a free and open (at least it used to be) society. If you board an airliner, you need to recognize there is chance, however small, that things may go badly. But how is it the federal government's problem to sort it out? It's the airlines' problem; let them figure out who they're willing to fly. If the "security" were part of the ticket price, you can bet your last faded, federal reserve note that we would be using the Israeli model of airport security.

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