Return to God

Hilmar Von Campe I grew up under the Nazis and after the war I began to search for the reason which made the atrocities of a German government possible and understandable. It became clear to me that it was the lie which controlled the nation. Germany went down because of godlessness. The Nazi ideology, state and society were based on lies and the Nazi leaders manipulated our nation into the anti-God part of the nation. I was not a Nazi but I was a liar. I lied for my little personal benefit. The Nazis lied for power, but my lies linked me morally to them. There were millions of Germans like me who made the takeover of Germany from inside possible. Hitler started World War II with a big lie.

One can be puzzled looking at the American scene. The Democratic Party has the “right” of abortion in its political platform. That the baby in the womb of the mother is not a human being is a lie. “Murder” is called “Right”. Ultrasound makes it possible to watch the development of a baby. Those who vote for the killing of babies or sign a “law” to do that and those who put them in office are liars. They turn their back to God and destroy the credibility and power of the United States. Americans observe the process. Some examples:

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