40,000 laptops costing $249 each that are going to Detroit students that can neither read nor write cost taxpayers $1,225 a piece

Right Wing NewsChris Kobus

In posting on laptops going to Detroit Public Schools (DPS) students that can neither read nor write, I missed an obvious scandal right on its face. From my first post on the laptops: Irony: Detroit Free Press touts 40,000 "free" laptops to DPS kids days after reporting DPS laptops being hocked at pawn shops

Detroit Public Schools students will have access to 35,000 laptop computers in school starting next month in what the officials are calling an unmatched infusion of technology in the district.

DPS teachers already have received 5,000 new ASUS Netbook laptops and training as a result of the $49 million technology program funded by the federal stimulus money... The report doesn't indicate what model they are, but here's a typical one over at Amazon.com: Read More: http://rightwingnews.com/2011/01/stimulus-40000-laptops-costing-249-each-that-are-going-to-detroit-students-that-can-neither-read-nor-write-cost-taxpayers-1225-a-piece/