Leftist Insanity: Blaming Palin and Tea Party for AZ Massacre

On Saturday, about the time of the shooting in Arizona, I was on my way to see a movie with my wife. When we returned, my wife opened up her laptop and said: “Oh, God.” She then read to me the tragic news the world had then learned. I at first felt shock and great sadness — and I still do. But I could still not stop this next thought from entering my head: “No matter the truth, the MSM and the left are to pin this on the Tea Party.” And I hated myself for that thought even entering my mind so soon.

Yet, I knew that the nature of the MSM and the left was to do this. The only question was whether I would feel more shame for even thinking this, or the left and the MSM would feel such shame about exploiting this tragedy for political gain that they’d think again and hold back. It is a disgusting thing that the left and MSM won this contest in my mind.

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