Seven Absurdities of The Arizona Shooting Accusers

Family Security MattersGabriel Garnica, Esq.

Even as I write this piece, I still cannot believe the horrible events that transpired in Arizona. An unspeakable tragedy has taken so many innocent lives, including that of a sweet young girl who represented everything that is good about our country. This should truly be a time of national mourning and reflection. I say “should” because there are those who have decided to exploit this heinous act to further their political agenda. As evil as the initial crime was, there are no words to describe how despicable, detestable, and disrespectful this exploitation has become. Those who peddle this exploitation pretend to promote unity, civility, decency, responsibility, and calm when all they do is ignite precisely the opposite. In fact, this sad situation is framed by seven absurdities all too obvious to be ignored.

The first absurdity in this blame game is that all evidence, including that found by the FBI, indicates that the shooter is mentally unstable and was fixated on Giffords since 2007, long before the rise of Palin or the Tea Party. Anyone with an ounce of brains and a gram of sense would thus conclude that neither Palin nor the Tea Party moved this man to focus on Giffords. It is patently absurd to blame people for actions obviously rooted long before the influence of those people ever existed. This would be like a woman claiming that her husband became an alcoholic due to the internet when his alcoholism began years before the internet existed.

Not content to ignore the calendar, these exploiters have likewise decided to ignore the backgrounds of both shooter and intended victim. They accuse the Right’s rhetoric of inciting this man when all evidence, including his past friends and other findings, indicate that his leanings are more consistent with those of the Left. Likewise, the insinuation is that Giffords was targeted because of her liberal views when many describe her as a Democrat with conservative leanings.

Obviously, admitting that the shooter is a Leftist radical or that Giffords has conservative leanings does not further the agenda of those seeking to paint this crime as Right on Left. Likewise, the Left has even resorted to falsely claiming that the shooter is a pro-life religious fanatic when he is exactly the opposite. It is absurd to twist the political views of people involved in a crime to depict a desired agenda. Suppose someone asked you to believe that Rush Limbaugh was moved by Bill Clinton’s views to murder John McCain.

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