Stephen Hawking takes on God: Critics dismiss his new book as 'lightweight speculation'

Posted: January 16, 20118:23 pm Eastern

By Gene Koprowski © 2011 WorldNetDaily

With his new book "The Grand Design," retired Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking appears to have further bolstered his reputation as a latter-day Charles Darwin, but some in the scientific community are not impressed.

The book "is a vehicle for putting across lightweight speculation that anybody could imagine," asserts MIT-educated physicist Thomas P. Sheahen in a paper provided to WND.

Hawking and co-author Leonard Mlodinow, a Caltech physicist, claim there was no need for a creator, as the law of gravity assures that the "universe can, and will, create itself from nothing."

"If the author names were reversed, Mlodinow first, everyone would ignore this book," Sheahen writes in "A Physicist Looks at The Grand Design.'" "Only Hawking's fame boosts it to totally undeserved prominence."

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