What a Dupnik!!...The Lexicon of Stupidity

Patriot Action Network January 20, 2011

The lexicon of stupidityBY Ralph Alter

The English language is constantly evolving. To meet the need for terms to describe technological innovations, the steady influx of immigrants adding an international flavor to our patois, and sometimes just the political free-for-all of our democracy, the addition of neologisms to frame our thoughts accurately is required.

In 2010 alone, the Merriam Webster Dictionary added hundreds of new terms to its venerable lexicography. Included are such pop-cultural inventions as bromance, skankitude and frenemy. Sarah Palin's melding of the words refute and repudiate to form the new term "refudiate" was actually named the Oxford English Dictionary's Word of the Year.

Often the development of a new term is a conscious political decision to help re-direct public opinion away for a controversial topic generating too much heat for a political interest group. Thus we find Janet Napolitano coining terms like "man-caused-disaster" when she found the term terrorism just to unpalatable to mouth.

And sometimes, we find an individual whose personal characteristics so strongly define a particular set of attitudes or behaviors that their very name comes to represent those behaviors in our language. Vidkun Quisling, for instance, was President of the collaborationist Norwegian government that fronted for the Nazis from 1943-45. He was wisely executed by firing squad by his livid countrymen immediately following WWII. His treasonous actions were so vile and blatant that his name has come to be a synonym for traitor.

The appearance of Clarence Dupnik on the national scene following the Tucson massacre of innocents provides just the right opportunity for a neologism. It's hard to recall a public figure with less on the ball than this modern day Barney Fife. It seems impossible that the voters of Pima county have continued to vote for this incompetent hack for 28 years. But that is what Democrats do.

From Detroit to New Orleans to New York City, just name a failing municipality and you can guarantee it has been run into the ground by Democrats. With its proximity to Mexico, Tucson should be a leader in the battle against illegal immigration. With Dupnik at the law enforcement helm, Tucson is more a part of the problem than part of the solution.

Clarence Dupnik's inability, or perhaps his unwillingness to pursue the detention of the Tucson massacre killer when he was aware of both Loughner's instability and his death-threats is unconscionable. Rather than owning up to his failure to prevent this tragedy, however, Dupnik attempted to re-direct the colluding media in a direction they were only to willing to go.

In an era rife with political incompetence and thuggish hackery, Clarence Dupnik stands alone as a symbol of incompetence, stupidity and vainglorious dishonesty. Congratulations, Clarence. Joe Biden and Van Jones have got nothing on you. Please help disseminate the wide use of the term "Dupnik" to describe anyone you see displaying the sheriff's defining characteristics of pig-headedness, stupidity or ham-handedness. When confronted with glaring ineptitude or ample dunderheadedness, simply hit your forehead with the heel of your hand and exclaim:

"What a Dupnik!" http://www.patriotactionnetwork.com/forum/topic/show?id=2600775:Topic:3108362&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_topic