New DNC director led socialist party offshoot: Worked closely with radicals, supported by communists

Posted: January 24, 20119:38 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein © 2011 WorldNetDaily

Patrick Gaspard, tapped as the new executive director of the Democratic National Committee, was a lead activist for a political party that was an offshoot of a socialist group.

The party, the Working Families Party, worked closely with radical groups and is supported by the Communist Party USA.

Until now, Gaspard has served as director of President Obama's Office of Political Affairs.

Since the announcement of his move to the DNC last week, Gaspard has been taking some criticism for his work with SEIU International, a major socialist-oriented union for which he served as political director.

He has also been taking heat for his association with the controversial ACORN amid evidence he advised and worked closely with the organization's boss, Bertha Lewis.

In the July 2, 2001, issue of The Nation magazine, Lewis and Gaspard issued a joint letter describing their extensive involvement in the Working Families Party, or WFP, a small political party founded in 1998.

Gaspard signed the letter as a member of both the WFP and the SEIU.

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